The safety of Meeple Match users is very important to us. Please follow our Safety Tips while using the Meeple Match Service to ensure your experience is a safe and enjoyable one.

Personal Information

Protect your identity until you are comfortable enough with others to share it. Do not put any personal contact information in your Meeple Match profile such as your phone number, address and email. Be wary of anyone who quickly asks to chat outside of Meeple Match.

Meeple Match will never send you an email requesting your username and password information. This is your private information and any such communication should be reported immediately.

Financial Information

Never provide your financial information such as credit card number, bank information, tax file or social security number to any other players or in response to any unauthorised requests. Ignore any and all requests to send money and report it to us immediately.

Avoid online scams

Ignore any messages sent to you from other players containing links to third-party websites, all unauthorised requests for money and financial information, unauthorised requests for your address and private information.

Meeting Up with Other Players

We do not conduct criminal background checks on our users so it is advisable to remain cautious. Only accept game invitations with unknown players in a public venue, organise your own transport and do not get into a vehicle with someone you do not know or trust.

It is advisable to take your phone with you and inform friends or family who you are meeting and where you are going.

Meeple Match Guidelines

With the exception of extreme circumstances, as a matter of courtesy, it is your obligation to notify other players if you are unable to attend a confirmed game. Any player who repeatedly fails to attend or fails to notify other players of non-attendance may be banned from using the service.

You must not:

  • Request money or donations
  • Gamble on game results or play any games for money
  • Send offensive messages or harass other users of the service
  • Set up fraudulent profiles
  • Behave in an inappropriate manner when meeting other players
  • Send spam or attempt to use the service as a vehicle to sell other products or services
  • Engage in bullying
  • Commit fraud
  • Use other player’s pictures or private information without permission
  • Use the service for illegal activities

Please report anyone who violates the Meeple Match User Guidelines to ensure the enjoyment and safety of our users.