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The Features of Meeple Match

Find Nearby Games

Meeple Match finds games for you wherever you are

Each time you login, Meeple Match displays games for you in and around your entered suburb. You can plan games near home, for after work, if you are going interstate or while travelling. All the available games are displayed in date order with the distance required to travel. All you need to do is join in!

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Request to Join a Game

That game sounds great – I want to join in!

Click through to the Join Game screen. This will display the host of the game and any already confirmed players. You can view their player profiles and all comments players have posted. All you need to do is insert how many players are joining the game, add a comment if you wish, then click on Join Game. This will now appear in your menu under My Requests.

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Create Your Own Game Invitations

Add an invitation for the game of your choice – it’s easy!

Invitations can be created by you, or you and a friend, to meet up with other players at the place of your choosing – your favourite cafe, bar, restaurant, park – any meeting place. Select the game from the drop down menu, date and time, insert the venue details, number of required players and write a comment. Done! You have created a game that will display on the Nearby Games screen for other Meeple Match users and also in your menu under My Invitations. As the host, your only duty is to provide the game for all to enjoy.

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Select Players

View player profiles and accept players into your game

When players request to join your game, you can view their profiles and select the players you want to play with. Player profiles can be updated at any time and contain as much information as the player chooses to include. Typically, this will include a photograph, their age and a little about themselves and their favourite games. Meeple Match makes it easy to meet new people and have fun!

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Chat with Players

You can chat with each other prior to your game

Each game has a chat room and players can chat to each other prior to meeting up for their game. The chat function becomes live as soon as you are a confirmed player. Your menu will display a chat symbol to notify you of any new messages and directs you to the game screen of an active chat. Here, you can read and post messages to the other players of the game and get to know each other a little before you play.

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Game Selection

Meeple Match has an exciting array of games for you to choose from

Categorised into board games, card games and deck building games, these include some of the old favourites plus many new, strategic and innovative games offering challenging game experiences. Click on the information symbol to find all the details of each game. This outlines the game description, theme, approx. playing time, number of players and how to play. Discover a whole new world of games to enjoy.

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Request New Games

We welcome your requests for new games

New games and expansions are regularly added and we welcome your requests via this website or from within the app via New Game Requests in the About App section. With all the fantastic games out there, whether strategic, entertaining, hilarious, challenging or just simply fun, please let us know your favourites so everyone can join in.

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Organised Events

Helping gamers and organisers connect

In-store game events, pre-releases, tournaments, festivals and conventions can be advertised within the Meeple Match app. All events and event names remain the property of the respective owners and this service is offered by Meeple Match to assist in connecting gamers and organisers. If you wish to place an advertisement, please provide your details and submit via the contact service below. We will respond as soon as possible.

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Have Fun!

Meeple Match – social, exciting and fun...

Playing tabletop games is a wonderfully entertaining pastime. It can be challenging, tactical and hilarious. What a great way to meet new people and share in everything these games have to offer; negotiate, draw pictures, roll the dice, kill bandits, build railways, download data, call open misere, avoid the assassins and cast spells, but most of all have fun!

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